Our Church History

Parkerford Baptist Church was founded in 1858 by a small group of faithful Baptist who worshiped together in a small country school house. The original location was along the Pegion Creek and Schuykill Road in what was once known as Laweranceville, PA. After several revivals and a lot of church growth, the budding congregation joined with Church of the Brethern and split the responsibilities of the church plant. The church formally organized on April 4th, 1858 and quickly made plans to build their own house of worship. In December of that same year, the church building was dedicated and the congregation saw significant growth for 25 years. 


     From 1858-1933 the little known church grew to be one of the most significant Baptist churches in the region. The church remained steady in the community and kept pace with changing times and realized much improvement. Electrification and new heating systems were installed during this period along with a kitchen, indoor restrooms and additional classrooms. It was due to these improvements that the church was able to carry through the depression era and continued to minister to people who were in great need. Christian education became a well known staple of Parkerford Baptist Church during this period as it cared for the community with outreach, VBS programs and strong leadership during those difficult periods. 

     From 1958 to 1960 Parkerford Baptist Church saw several pastoral changes as it moved into the next century. Membership grew to 240-300 actives members by the close of the first century. The annual Vacation Bible School parade became well known in the region and saw hundreds of children each year as it served the surrounding community. It was during this time that the church purchased their much needed organ which is still used for services today. 

     In 1963 Parkerford Baptist Church broke ground on a new building project to add much needed classroom space. The building was completed and dedicated one year later with the mortgage for the project being paid off several years in advance. It was during this  time that the church also saw a significant increase in youth ministries and visitations to local shut-ins who could not make it out for Sunday services. 

    In 1969 the church received a donation of a pastoral parsonage just a short distance from the church property. Joining with the Central Union Association in 1971 helped Parker Ford Baptist Church become part of a larger organization as they celebrated 114 years of ministry to the Chester County region. They also helped in disaster relief during the flood of 1972 and led the way for the 1973 Religious Census for East Coventry township.  


    Small groups became the focus of Parker Ford Baptist Church in 1977. The diaconte board organized a "every home visitation" campaign with audio tapes being supplied to any one who could not make it for the Sunday services. Renovations and restoration to With the addition of new, brighter lighting and airconditioning to help the congregation get through the warm summer months, attendance at Parkerford Baptist Church remained steady through the end of the era. Addition of an audio system throughout the church building was also added so that teachers and congregates could hear the sermons during morning worship as well. 




In 2014 a new overhead video system was installed allowing the church to utilize digital media during worship. An integrated network system was also installed allowing internet access for all in attendance. Mass media has also played a  pivotal role in the life of the church in recent years and has helped to reach out to the surrounding community and the world