September 2019   
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9:30 AM to 10:30 AM


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Music/Choir Director

Bill Herbsleb

Music has been a long standing part of Bill’s life and has provided blessings to many by leading worship and praise to God in many facets.  He started studying piano in 1st grade and made a switch to organ in the 7th grade. Bills organ music teacher was a theater organist and excellent at providing a wide training from classical through popular contemporary music education. He continued to study music through high school and provided his talents to anyone who may ask.  By the time he entered collage, Bill was able to play both pipe organ and electronic instruments.  Activities included assembly programs, choruses, and multiple graduation and baccalaureate services for local schools.  While Bill did not pursue a music degree at the college level, he did continue using music as an avocation while obtaining an electrical engineering degree.  Bill used his piano and organ skills in the US Army assisting the army chaplains with music for their services both stateside and overseas in Korea.  After 3 years military service, Bill returned to the Parkerford area and settled into family life while working in the electric power industry.  He finished his degree in Electrical Engineering at Villanova University while substituting for organists in the area and actively singing in choir.  In 1993, Bill received a call from a high school classmate, to play organ at Parkerford Baptist church which turned into a full time position until today.  In the past two years, Bill has expanded his music experience by taking on choir direction – a new venture which has been very rewarding.  He has continued his music education since 1993 through seminars on organ performance and choral direction.